Essential Guide To Blog Flipping

How to Flip Blogs and Profit (Free Report)

Unless you’ve been living in a cave then the chances are you’ve heard of the term ‘flipping.’ :-) :-) :-) Essentially this is when you build some kind of online asset – be it a blog, website, plugin etc – and then Read More…


Azon 404 TakeOver Plugin

There is this brand new Amazon WordPress plugin about to be released in a few hours. It’s called Azon 404 TakeOver. Check out the preview and make sure to grab it from my page to get some cool bonuses! :-) :-) Here’s the link again: http: Read More…

Amazon Aff Sales

[Amazon] To Go For “90-Days Cookie” Or Not??

Hey, I’ve always have this question whenever I do Amazon affiliate campaign: Should I use the “direct Add-to-cart link” for 90-days cookie OR use the standard link (that goes to the product page)? This is an example of direct Add-to Read More…

Happy New Year 2014

Azon Investigator, Happy Holiday!

I have not updated this blog very often lately as many things that I want to share I want to share it only for my friends via the newsletter. Just want to say Happy Holiday to all of you! :) :) There is 1 cool product that will be released just befor Read More…


7 Big Ticket Ideas

Hi there, Here are 7 fabulous ideas to earn big. You might think that all those 7 does not suits you at all, (seriously bro?) ..but actually most of you can do / have the ability / competent to do at least half of them. If you already do 1 of them, t Read More…

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