1.) Setting Up Your Site

Upload and activate the theme as usual process. After that go to Theme Option : Appearance >> AzonAdviceTheme Theme Option page. Once you are on Theme Option page, just click “Save Changes” button right away to apply the default setting.

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Go to Appearance >> Menus, and create your first Menus.
Name the Menu, and click Create Menu. On this example, I name it Top Nav.

Image - AzonAdvice 2

After that on the Theme Locations option, select the name of the Menu you’ve just created for Primary Menu, then click Save.

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Now the Menu is ready. You can put Custom Links, add Pages and Category links to your Menu. Just click Add to Menu. After that don’t forget to click the Save Menu button :)

Publishing Articles/Posts

There are two options to publish a new post, first is Manual posting as usual and the second is using autoblogging/autopost plugin such WPRobot or WPZonBuilder. Let’s talk about Manual Posting first.

[junkie-alert style=”red”]* NOTE: Even though this theme is compatible with WP Robot, Amaniche, Associate Goliath, ZonBuilder and ZonGrabbing, it is built mainly for manual posting, best looks will be achieved if we do manual posting.[/junkie-alert]

Manual Posting

When you’re about to publish new post, you will see a Custom Post Panel menu on your top right.

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All the options are self-explanatory. You can insert your Affiliate link, product price, Call to Action text, etc. But remember, leave the Image URL field blank because in Manual Posting we do not need that. To display product image, upload an image as usual, and set it as Featured Image.

Using WPRobot

Using WPRobot to autoposting with AzonAdvice is very simple. When you create the Campaign, go to Custom Field option and set it as shown below :

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For “azonwprating”, you can choose from these values : 5 Stars or 4,5 Stars or 4 Stars.

If you want you can also add another custom fields, like below..

Name: azonwpacsry
Value: Top Rated or Best Seller or Popular

Name: azonwpcta
Value: Order Now or Add to Cart

Sometimes WPRobot pulls contents that don’t have any image or description. And this can make your review site looks bad. You can avoid this by selecting “Skip Post If No Image or Description” option on WPRobot Settings.

Using Other Amazon AutoPosting Plugins

Visit the Theme Option page, then enable the Custom Field Integration.

Image - AzonAdvice 6

After that input the respective fields (Product Image, Product Price and Product Link) as listed below.

For Amaniche Users
Product Image: product_image
Product Price: price
Product Link: product_url

For Associate Goliath Users
Product Image: azonwpthumb
Product Price: azonwpprice
Product Link: azonwplink
* If azonwpthumb doesn’t work, try use amazon-image-url instead :-)

For ZonBuilder Users
Product Image: amzn_MediumImageURL
Product Price: amzn_LowestNewPrice
Product Link: amzn_DetailPageURL

For ReviewAzon Users
Product Image: ReviewAZON_MediumImage
Product Price: ReviewAZON_LowestNewPrice
Product Link: ReviewAZON_DetailedPageUrl

For ZonGrabbing Users
When you create campaign on ZonGrabbing, make sure you set 3 custom fields: for images, for your Amazon affiliate link and for product price. Feel free to name those 3 custom fields as you like, just make sure to remember them, and input them according to their value/role:
Product Image: xyz
Product Price: xyz
Product Link: xyz
* Replace xyz with the custom field you created according to the role.

This feature is useful if you want to add standard posts, not a review post. To use this feature, you have to fill all your Blogpost (standard post) into 1 category. Then input the category ID of that category on the field provided on Theme Options page.

If you have any questions please reach us at https://wpthemeplugin.com/contact-us.
We’ll response to your message asap :-)