Not long after I first started building money sites using WordPress back in 2010-2011, I soon realized there are several high traffic niches – which even though they seem crowded and highly competitive, but there are enough pies for everyone.

One of those niches is : smartphone specifications.

Yes, everyday there are thousands of smartphone enthusiasts lurking the Internet for the latest smartphone news, releases, phone specifications, etc..

.. It’s a high traffic niche that never gets old, because there are plenty of smartphone vendors on the market (Samsung, Apple, Asus, HTC, Huawei, LG, Google, Lenovo and many more!) and almost every week there are new smartphones being announced on the market.

The problem is, building smartphone specifications site using WordPress requires too much hard work. You’d have to research for dozens of phone specs then post them one by one manually..

With that being said, I have created a WP site package called ArenaPhone:

ArenaPhone WP Site Builder

ArenaPhone is a PhoneSiteBuilder WP Package to build smartphone specifications site like GSMArena faster and easier.

ArenaPhone Demo 1
Preloaded with popular Phone Specifications.
ArenaPhone Screenshot
Let visitors to compare phone specs side by side.

It won’t clone GSMArena exactly, but at least you can create and post any Phone Specifications without having to write dozens of specifications/features of each smartphone manually.

Aside preloaded with popular phone specification, ArenaPhone can also post smartphone news articles every on autopilot. Go check it out and have fun!

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