PreSold Pro Plugin: Page Hijack Tools With Sneaky Tactics

Oh no, another “page hijack” tools?

As an affiliate marketers I believe you have bought 1 or more tools/software/plugins to hijack/iframing webpages, and allows you to put your OFFERS on big sites like,,…literally ANY site you want.

If yes you have, then you’ll be loving this new plugin I’m reviewing in this post.. :)

PreSold Pro Review Video + Demo/Tutorial

It’s called PreSold PRO, and this plugin allows you to: instantly “hijack” ANY page on the web, add bars to it and put your own affiliate links and replace all the links (on that page you hijack) with your desired link.”

You can instantly “hijack” any page you want and place your affiliate links on it, and also to redirect visitors automatically to YOUR AFFILIATE LINK if he, for some weird reason, didn’t take any action on the page :)

Let me show you some examples..

Demo 1:
The link above is iframing an actual page reviewing a coffee maker, however all the links on that CNET page is changed! They are now all pointing to my Amazon affiliate link :)

Demo 2:
This time I’m hijacking an article on Buzzfeed about weight loss, and all the link on the articles is pointing to my Clickbank affiliate link promoting a weight loss product.

Again, this beast can be really powerful – even in the newbie’s hands.

If you want to get more sales & commissions from your CPA campaign or your affiliate marketing efforts, grab it now! :o)

Presold Pro Plugin

Enjoy! :)

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