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Image - FaazImageGrabberSearching relevant image to your WP article, downloading it then uploading it to your WP post can be such a tedious work.. If you have 1 post with 10 images: the searching process, downloading process, editing process, upoading process can take 15-20mins or even more!

But now you can eliminate that really boring and exhausting process thanks to this really cool plugin called FaazImageGrabber.. Now, searching article images just needs a few clicks and can be done in a few seconds ;-)

Here're Some Benefits You'll Get From FaazImageGrabber Plugin:

  • Do it all [searching - editing - direct download to wordpress post] from your wordpress dashboard!
  • No need to pay for API Key (eg: Bing Search API cost $3/month)
  • Bulk search, download, edit & upload images in less than 3 minutes
  • Time and Effort Saving: Simple steps, do all in wp dashboard. Stop tiredness and stress in searching article images.
  • Unlimited Sites License: One time investment then install this powerful plugin to all your WP sites

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