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Using PRE-SOLD PRO you can now completely take over any page and leverage it to bank fast commissions for yourself without lifting a finger. The plugin allows you to:

[+] Instantly “hijack” ANY page on the web
[+] Add sticky bars to it where you can put your own affiliate links
[+] Replace all the links (on that page you hijack) with your affiliate link
[+] Redirect visitors automatically to YOUR AFFILIATE LINK after several seconds.. if he (for some odd reason) didn’t take any action

Check out these 2 demo:

The link above is iframing an actual page reviewing a coffee maker, however all the links on that CNET page is changed! They are now all pointing to my Amazon affiliate link :)

This time I’m hijacking an article on Buzzfeed about weight loss. All the link on the articles is pointing to my Clickbank affiliate link promoting a weight loss product.. and if you don't take any action after 7 seconds you will be redirected to my Clickbank link automatically.

This is probably the most sneakiest plugin for affiliate marketer! :)

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[+] How to build your business using the Warrior Forum
[+] What are "Warrior Special Offers" (WSO's) and how you can use them to catapult your business!
[+] Additional resources & methods for using the Warrior Forum to grow your business, boost your income and make even more money
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Inside this 5 part video course, you will learn:

[+] Introduction to WarriorPlus
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Image - BonusAffiLink NEO Plugin

The ultimate redirect link plugin. Use this plugin to mask your affiliate link, complete with 301/302/307 redirection and hits statistic.

AffiLinkNEO is 1 of my favorite plugins ;-)

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From Your Friend,
Leo (BCBiz)
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