WP eCom Rewards Plugin

WP eCom Rewards Plugin

Getting more loyal & repeat customers is the key of your ecommerce website success. With this plugin you can offer Reward Points to your customers when they make an order on your store sites, thus making them want to buy your stuffs more and more in order to redeem their Reward Points.

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  • PDF user guide
  • Lifetime update + support
  • Unlimited sites Developer License

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Easy To Use, Just 1 Minute Of Setup

Unleash your marketing creativity. You can set how much the customer will get reward points based on how much he spends.

Reward Point Statistics

The plugin will shows you reward points details for each customers. You can easily track how much the customers has spent and how many reward points he has earned.

Reward Points Automatically Shows Up

When the customers has added some items to their cart, the plugin will automatically displays the Reward Points they can get - or how many points left they have.

Ready To Get More Repeat Customers?

$47 $29.95

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Image - TestimonialHey, Leo! I just dropped by to say, “thanks” for the awesome support. You guys went the extra mile and the theme looks as I wanted now. I appreciate it!

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David E. Sam – Fiverr Vendor

Image - TestimonialI am very happy with my purchase. Leo has been patient with my low level of knowledge and has addressed all of the follow up questions and issues I had. Overall, excellent work from WPThemePlugin team.

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