WP Traffic Up Plugin: New Exit Intent Technology

As you might already noticed, the traditional exit popups on all websites – including your site – doesn’t work properly anymore after a recent updates on Chrome & Safari browser.

So basically 75.6% of your visitors are not seeing your exit popups properly. Wow, what a bummer.. exit popups has proven to be 1 of the best conversion booster. Many marketers are using it to reclaim bounce traffic, get more sales & subscribers.

If you use OptimizePress 2.0 you’ll also see that OP2 has suggested their users to use the OverlayOptimizer exit intent instead of using their built-in traditional exit popups :)


.. there’s a new plugin called WP Traffic Up that will cure the problem and make exit popups works again!

See my review, launch details + bonus below:
=>> http://exclusivebonusrights.com/wp-traffic-up/

WP Traffic Up Demo:

As visitors attempt to exit your site, any page you choose (even if you don’t own the site) will slide in using one of the 9 built-in animations.

Here are some live examples of WP Traffic Up, click the link below and try to close your tab/browser.

Demo 1: WP Traffic Up Using A Static Page
Demo 2: WP Traffic Up With Any URL

Remember, you can display any webpage for you “exit offer” :o)

For example: if you are reviewing a product on your website, then you can display the actual salespage (with your affiliate link) on the “exit offer” that you create with WP Traffic Up.

What makes this unique and not like any other “exit intent” type software out there is that not only can visitors see a full page, but that page can even have an autoplay video on it.

This is the ONLY software that I know that has this kind of technology, they call it “Autoplay Ready”.

Go here to get WP Traffic Up along with my 4 + 2 exclusive bonuses:
=>> http://exclusivebonusrights.com/wp-traffic-up/

Again, this is the only software or plugin that I know of that can do this. It’s brand new technology. And just imagine how effective this will be in bringing in more subscribers or making more money when you can show people full page offers ;-)

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