• 1 Minute Of Setup (no Amazon API needed)
    Simply add your Amazon tag ID, product ASIN or keywords and you’re good to go
  • Monetize All Your WP Posts With Amazon Products Ads In 1-Click
    Auto-display Amazon products Above Content, Below Content or BOTH
  • Free to Download + Automatic Updates
    QuickAzon comes in Free Version and PRO Ultimate version (see below)
  • New Technology: Bypass AdblockPlus System
    When you use ads code from Amazon, then say goodbye to earning commissions because AdblockPlus on your visitors browser will block them. With QuickAzon though, your Amazon ads product will still show up!


Building Amazon affiliate site is not as easy as it used to be because we all need API key to promote Amazon products faster.

We are faced with this BIG problems though: Amazon demands you to get them 3 sales first before you can get your API key. It’s contradictory..

We do want to get 3 Amazon sales – but we need API Key access first, right?

Because of this API Key requirements, many affiliate marketers has stopped promoting Amazon products. Their affiliate sites that they have built with blood, sweat and tears.. became a dead affiliate site.

If you’re one of many affiliate marketers who can’t continue to promote Amazon products because your API Key stop working, then it’s time to start making money from Amazon Associates Program once again with WP QuickAzon Plugin..


To use the plugin, upload it from Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin. Then activate the plugin and navigate to Settings menu -> QuickAzon:


The PRO Ultimate version of QuickAzon brings three advanced features for you:

1.) QuickAzon Shortcode

Place Amazon ads anywhere inside your content by using shortcode [quickazon_ultimate keywords="some keywords here"]

For example, adding shortcode [quickazon_ultimate keywords="Asus ROG Phone"] inside your content will return into this:

2.) Stylish Banner

Add Amazon banner anywhere by using shortcode [quickazon_banner asin=""]

For example, adding shortcode [quickazon_banner asin="B07K4VCLLK"] will return this banner:

3.) QuickAzon Widgets

Place Amazon Ads on your blog sidebar and footer using Widgets:


NOTE: The plugin currently only works for Amazon US.

The free version includes 1-click automatic updates.

The PRO version includes 1-click automatic updates, the three PRO features above, Unlimited Installations, Commercial Developer License and plugin support.


Alright guys, the plugin was planned to be launched on JVZoo but all of us has suffered to the Coronavirus pandemic lately.. So I decided to release it for free and spent more time to code advanced features for the PRO version. I hope the plugin will be useful for you!

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