Several years ago, there were many marketers made 4 figures income every month by building and running Amazon affiliate websites.

That changed in 2018..

.. At that year, Amazon updated their policy on Amazon Product API keys. New affiliates are required to make 3 sales before gaining access to the API.

The updated policy makes it hard for beginner affiliates to gain access to Amazon API Key (which is a vital part of integrating any Amazon affiliate plugin into their website).

The Solution: ImportAzon WP Plugin

With this brand new plugin for WordPress called ImportAzon, now anyone can import Amazon affiliate products to their website without Amazon API Key at all.

Here’s how it works..

STEP 1: Enter your Amazon affiliate details

ImportAzon Demo

After the plugin is activated, visit the ImportAzon plugin setting to fill in your Amazon affiliate tag and choose the Amazon country.

STEP 2: Enter the Amazon ASIN and click Import

ImportAzon Demo

Go to the 1-click Importer section and enter ASIN of Amazon product you want to promote.

STEP 3: Product is imported & monetized with your Amazon link

In seconds, the Amazon product is imported to your website!

And the content is also monetized with your Amazon associate link automatically.

ImportAzon plugin works great if you want to build Amazon affiliate store/blog, even if you haven’t had Amazon API Key yet.

And you may import unlimited products too (the more content your website has, the more traffic will come!).

Try WP ImportAzon Plugin Today

Once you get the plugin, you also gain access to their online documentation and user guide.

So you can get started in the best and fastest way.

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